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Building a community of players to create successful teams

Laguna United FC is a community-based non-profit soccer club. Our goal is to teach a consistent, unified soccer and leadership style and to ensure players learn to have passion and camaraderie for their community, their club, their teammates and for the game. Soccer is a beautiful game of passing, movement, and decision-making that also reinforces leadership, teamwork, and other positive attributes in developing minds.


Laguna United FC will foster a learning environment to:

  • Enjoy the sport

  • Establish positive coaching methods to inspire and educate

  • Improve conditioning and overall physical well-being

  • Promote good character, sportsmanship, discipline and positive self-images

  • Develop artistic, intelligent, and physically capable youth soccer players

  • Focus on team-oriented goals and achievements

  • Develop skilled, competitive club soccer players

  • Grow the person, the player, and the community

171029 LUFC 0066.jpg
B2002 Blue
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171029 LUFC 0021.jpg
LUFC vs LA Galaxy
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Justine Team2.jpg
G2008 Blue
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171029 LUFC 0061.jpg
G2005 Blue: Ally Nadell
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LUFC first ever BU8 team
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171029 LUFC 0049.jpg
DOC Sam Nicholson
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We provide our players with the highest level of development in a safe, competitive, and community-oriented environment.

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