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LUFC has assembled a kit of resources and templates to help you build your student-athlete profile and stay on task year-after-year as you approach the college application process and eligibility requirements.


LUFC College Corner

LUFC's commitment to collegiate development supports, prepares and provides the best environment and opportunity for our players to excel in the next stages of their academic and athletic careers. Download LUFC College Corner to begin the process of building your pathway.


Player Profile

Building a player profile will be important for all prospective student-athletes. This player profile will be used in communication, request for more information and for marketing yourself. You will need to create a soccer resume that supports the talent you have and touch on other key details that can support potential recruitment. 


Coach Communication Guidelines

Communication is key. College coaches are not only looking for talented players, they are looking for student-athletes who carry good character, communication skills and show maturity. A college coach is making a big commitment and one that is likely to stand over multiple years. All communication should be handled professionally and timely. 


Coach Communication Example Letter

An introductory email is the first step of contacting college coaches to introduce yourself and share some of your key information. This provides the coach an opportunity to conduct their initial evaluation of you. Crafting an email that is personal, clear and concise with targeted, attention-grabbing subject lines is strategic to giving yourself the best chance of getting discovered. 


List of Men's College Soccer Programs

Broaden your school search from a full list of more than 1,400 soccer colleges with a Men's soccer program within the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA.


List of Women's College Soccer Programs

Broaden your school search from a full list of more than 1,500 soccer colleges with a Women's soccer program within the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA.


Year-to-Year Checklist

Stay on course with LUFC's Year-to-Year Checklist to help build the details and education of your application and eligibility requirements.



Frequently Asked Questions—ask us more.


Community Service Program

Use this form to keep track of your community service hours with our club and community. Thank you for your service.

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