LUFC introduces TOCA Touch Trainers

to our training experience and player development curriculum. These ball machines deliver an accelerated training experience to improve the player's technique with the ball and empower their game.



The quality and precision of a first touch is essential to the beautiful game. It is the most important touch in soccer and one of the most difficult to master. It is often the difference between being good and GREAT. The machine develops the competence and confidence of a player's first touch through precise and repetitive ball delivery within a concentrated session. 


A 50-minute session averages

500 touches on the ball.


The practice with and precision over a small ball requires increased focus and quicker adjustments with your feet. The ball should be an extension of your body. TOCA Touch Trainers deliver a smaller lighter ball that helps to improve ball skills with calculated accuracy and control. 


Good ball control increases

possession during the game.



Game-like situations are simulated by LUFC coaches through a curriculum of training exercises. The machine technology allows us to create transformative experiences and keep a high-level of player engagement and focus.


The possibilities are endless

and the training is challenging, rewarding and fun.


Balls are delivered at multiple speeds, locations and trajectories to produce training levels appropriate to players of all different skills and experience levels. Balls are delivered up to 50 mph.

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